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Chimney Lining

Chimney Liner Installation Derbyshire

A.S.Chimneys are specialists in the installation of high quality chimney liners for a variety of chimney systems. From traditional open fires to wood burners, multi-fuel stoves and gas fires, we have a range of product and a team of skilled engineers to help you.


Over time, chimneys can fail. This can be for a number of reasons – Old masonry chimneys degrade with acid attack over the years, lack of regular sweeping maintenance reduces lifetime of all chimney types, in some cases the original flue liner was not installed correctly or was not correctly specified. Whatever the reason, we can inspect your current system and advise if you need a replacement in which case, we will also specify the liner most suitable for your fireplace to get the best efficiency & pro-long the chimney liners life. Whether you are in Derby or in rural Derbyshire our team are ready to assist you.

If you are looking to re-line your chimney then you have come to the right place. A.S. Chimneys are specialists in the installation of high-quality chimney liners for a variety of chimney types. From traditional open fires to wood burners and multi-fuel stoves we have a range of products and a team of skilled engineers to help you.

Open Fire Chimney Linings

In recent years, wood-burning stoves have become the design choice as a heating source for both rural and inner-city homes. However, traditional open fires have remained popular due to their unrivalled aesthetics, particularly in Listed Properties – after all, there is nothing more captivating than a naked flame.

Like wood-burning stoves, real fires also need a chimney lining and choosing the right one will go along way to ensuring that your fire & home is safe. Open fire chimneys tend to be larger and need to contend with drawing larger volumes of smoke up the chimney. Open fires are the most in-efficient & polluting form of domestic heating still in use, a correctly installed chimney lining can help reduce harmful emissions.

Choosing the Right Lining

A.S. Chimneys are experts in relining open fires. First, we will inspect your chimney to ensure that it is structurally sound. Then we will assess the integrity of the existing flue (cleaning may be required before a thorough inspection). If it is determined that a new liner is required then we will specify the correct lining solution taking into account a number of variables (size of the fire, type of fuel being burned, age of chimney etc).

For example, A.S Chimneys is a leading installer of Schiedel Isokern flue liners, which is a product used extensively in open fires (read more about Isokern Chimney Linings). Other options include liners manufactured from stainless steel – these liners are flexible and offer good corrosion resistance too.

The flue gas temperature is considerably lower in open fires compared to stoves and condensation is more likely as a result, which in turn can produce sulphuric acid. Therefore, considerations for the type of flue lining to be used vary depending on the heating source being considered.

Regardless of whether you have an open fire or a wood-burning stove, A.S. Chimneys can provide you with a high-quality solution which is both efficient and safe.

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