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Lead Flashing

Lead flashing is the seal between the masonry chimney and roof tiles

It prevents rain getting through the joint and causing damp problems inside. Defective or poorly fitted lead flashing is a common cause of dampness from chimneys. It’s a common problem that we see all the time. Lead flashing will inevitably deteriorate over time which will lead to dampness in chimneys and upstairs rooms.

How do I know if I have a leak?

It is quite easy to detect – simply go into your loft space and if you see any daylight or signs of dampness around the chimney breast then there is a high likelihood that your lead flashings are failing.

Lead flashing installation is a skilled job

Installing lead flashing properly to a chimney is a skilled job and is not a project which falls under the remit of DIY. It should be performed by a competent and skilled tradesperson and preferably one who has experience in working on chimneys. Thankfully, A.S. Chimneys adds further value to our services with installers who are fully experienced in repairing or replacing lead flashing to your chimney.

When we install the lead flashing to the roof and chimney we ensure that all the joints are repointed and the lead turns into the brickwork which will make a watertight seal. This ensures that you will benefit from a leak free chimney and roof for many years to come.

We provide lead flashing installation services as a stand-alone option or as part of a wider project to renovate and upgrade your existing chimney system.

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