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HETAS Approved Installers

For confidence and peace of mind

Below we explain a little about the HETAS and why that matters when commissioning a tradesman to work on your chimney and stove.

Being HETAS approved means that all our installers are properly trained according to all the required safety standards. Our work will always comply with relevant Building Regulations, and we undergo regular training to ensure that we can work on a variety of structures and provide you with the best possible advice and guidance.

When we provide advice to our customers you can be assured that our expertise and knowledge are backed by approval from a trusted government approved organisation.


As A.S. Chimneys are HETAS approved it means that:

You can rest assured that our engineers have been fully trained and assessed to carry out this kind of work and we are fully compliant

You will save time and money because you will benefit from work which is competent, compliant and meets all necessary standards including building regulations

You will receive a certificate of compliance on completion of any installation works, meaning you have proof that the installation has been fitte to building regulations.

A.S. Chimneys are capable of fitting a broad scope of systems including dry appliances, appliances with boilers, hot water and heating systems along with re-lining chimneys and system flues

More about HETAS

HETAS is government regulated company that provides competent person schemes for solid fuel in the uk, it ensures installers, businesses and chimney sweeps are trained in each type of chimney system they are approved to work on & monitors with periodic inspection continued compliance.
Competent person schemes mean that registered engineers can self certify their work under building regulations, chimneys are a “controlled service “ in building regulations meaning most alterations or changes are notifiable to local building control and may need approval by a building inspector.

Once work is completed we will sign your installation “ Off “ on line with HETAS, HETAS will then send you a certificate by post directly and inform the local building authority what work has been carried out, by whom, where.
Companies registered have an HETAS membership number and engineers registered to a business have an individual membership number.

Failure to have a HETAS certificate or Building approval can effect your home insurance and cause problems when selling properties.

Details of registered businesses and the systems they are competent to work on can be found on the HETAS website.

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