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Schiedel Isokern Flue System

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A.S. Chimneys are fully trained installers of Shiedel Isokern flue systems. It is a pumice liner system for installation in new and existing masonry chimneys.

About Schiedel Isokern Flue Systems

The Schiedel Isokern chimney system has a solid construction which provides maximum insulation. It is a very robust system which is designed to be very quick to install. The system is made from durable blocks that are stable and safe.

Schiedel Isokern chimney linings are one of the most insulating systems on the market this helps both stoves and open fires work at their most efficient reducing harmful gas and particle pollution. The system is available in various sizes to suit stoves & open fires and is compatible with other Schiedel systems.

Most suitable for new builds or renovation projects, its installation into existing chimneys can be intrusive.

Another benefit of Schiedel flue liners is that they allow for effortless cleaning and inspection of your chimney system. Our range of high-quality liners ensures consistent operating efficiency, we always insulate the flue liner with either LECA back fill insulation or a wrap around fibre glass insulation, this is to keep the flue lining warm, increasing the draw which ECO DESIGN stoves rely on to operate efficiently, it also keeps condensation to a minimum & reduces soot and tar build up, which helps to prolong the liners life.

LECA is formed from small baked clay balls, non absorbent it helps stabilise the inside of old chimneys, reduces condensation in the liner which could cause acid when burning solid fuel, when stoves are used regularly it can also act as a thermal store releasing low heat even after the stove has gone out.

Our liners can handle high temperatures and are resistant to thermal heat, acid and pressure. They are therefore an ideal solution in a variety of chimney system applications.

Key Features:

  • For new and existing masonry chimneys
  • Suitable for all fuels (except for condensing appliances such as pellet or biomass)
  • Pumice construction offers better draw and insulating characteristics
  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • Various flue size variations
  • Durable & robust, it has a life expectancy greater than flexible liners & twin wall systems.

      » Read more info on the Schiedel website

What we will do…

At A.S. Chimneys, we recognise the importance of the flue lining in any system – we will survey and assess your current set up and recommend a lining solution which is fit for purpose and will be installed to a standard and quality which is unsurpassed.

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