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Chimney Repairs and Maintenance

A.S.Chimneys have the skills to keep your chimney in good working order, adding to the safety and value of your property.

Chimneys and flues require maintenance and repair over time to keep them safe and in good condition, from a chimney sweep (see our chimney sweeping service website), to re-pointing or re-building a chimney stack.

A Broad Range of Services

From general chimney maintenance to CCTV inspection and smoke pressure testing, A.S. Chimneys offer a comprehensive range of dedicated chimney repair services to keep your system in good working order and with highly skilled NVQ qualified & HETAS approved engineers and competitive rates, we are the number one choice for chimney repairs in the Derbyshire area.

Chimney Maintenance

From time to time chimney stacks and chimneys need attention often to stop water and damp ingress. We can advise how best to approach long term maintenance and cure problems.

Preventative Maintenance

Chimney stacks are the most exposed part of a home subjected to wind, rain & temperature changes, this with time causes the bricks to spall & mortar joints to erode, if these problems are left un-addressed they can lead to the chimney stack becoming dangerously unstable & having to being re-built when re-pointing would provide a cheaper way of sustaining the chimney.

At A.S.Chimneys we are skilled at re-pointing & re-building chimney stacks as well as dealing with the concrete capping that holds chimney pots onto the stack top (called flaunching) this is often in poor condition & a contributing factor to water ingress, problems can often be solved by re-seating the chimney pots & properly flaunching the stack.

Saving You Money

Preventative maintenance in this way will add years to the life of your chimney saving you the cost of expensive re-building work.

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