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NVQ Qualifications

For confidence and peace of mind

Below we explain a little about the NVQ Qualification and why that matters when commissioning a tradesman to work on your chimney and stove.

The NVQ qualifications have improved the professionalism of the solid fuel industry with chimney sweeps & chimney engineers now officially recognised trades the same as an electrician, plumber or builder for example.

This is of great importance following the changes in the industry that the Clean Air Act 2022, Eco Design stoves etc have brought, sweeps & installers must understand how stoves & chimneys should be properly installed & the science that makes them work efficiently.

Offering Added Benefits to our Customers

Being NVQ qualified gives our customers the following benefits:

Peace of mind that they have engaged a competent, trustworthy & professional business.

They are being advised by a someone who understands all aspects of the work.

That Engineers & Sweeps have served an apprenticeship, actually on the job, learning the skills & tradesman-ship needed to properly carry out their duties.


Keeping up to date

Our skill sets and practices are continually maintained with regular meetings & training, to be informed of the latest regulation changes, new technologies and equipment


Peace of Mind

NVQ Qualification is a further endorsement of our capabilities as one of the best chimney-sweeping companies in Derbyshire.

work being carried out on a fireplace renovation project
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