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Solid Fuel Hot Water & Heating Systems

A.S.Chimneys are HETAS 004 qualified wet system engineers

Being HETAS 004 qualified means A.S.Chimneys can supply and install a solid fuel boiler stove that can supply hot water only or hot water and heating (radiators).


With our qualified plumber we can design and install a complete heating system to meet with building regulations, that can supply hot water and heat you entire home. Experience is needed to incorporate the latest safety features and make the systems work efficiently.


Solid fuel wet systems can be one of the most dangerous installations if not fitted properly. Few companies are properly qualified to fit them, to ensure that you are safe and have proper certification.

You must ensure that the three major components are signed off through HETAS: The Chimney, The Stove, The Wet System.

Link up Systems

We can link your new boiler stove into an existing heating system such as gas or oil, this means when in use your stove can help reduce you home heating costs.

With the use of a thermal store we can link several heating sources together such as solar panels, into a system shared with the boiler stove and a gas or oil appliance – for example: a combi boiler or Rayburn.

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